Huge appreciation to

the librarians, trustees and architects at #ALAAC18 NOLA, conference 23 June, who attended our program: 'Achieve the Library Design You Need. Communicate Effectively with Your Library Building Design Professionals'. Thanks too to the conference organizers and audio-visual staff for a seamless experience. If you have questions when you receive our protected PDF with NOTES on the conference website, please contact us.

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ON LINE NOW: PLAN22 Presentation/Workshop & NOTES @ONLibraryAccoc #OLASC

ScrnGrb All in logo OLASC17A shout out to the librarians and trustees who participated in our session and workshop at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 3 February in Toronto. SCRNgRB_olasc17Title

Our entire presentation and all the notes that accompany our work with you in Toronto are now on the OLA, OLASC17 web site here: PLAN22Archibrarians OLASC17 Presentation NOTES PDF

HOVER OVER THE YELLOW ARROW to see the notes. ScrnGrb OLASC17  PDF arrow

Contact us directly if you have any questions. We are here to help.

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THANK YOU to the organisers, staff and volunteers at OLASC, and especially to Michelle Arbuckle @Citybrarian  and Pamela Sweet who took the time to stay with us after her introduction - we appreciate all the work you do.

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