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Boston Funds Library Growth with $102M @BPLBoston @BPLFoundation

Great news for the citizens of Boston. 

Major funding for BPLibrary infrastructure supports the community well through the 21st Century. Boston Librarians
know about the role the Library Commons plays to foster strong community ties in an increasingly polarized America and their user numbers are proof.

“Users are really embracing (library) spaces that have a higher focus on gathering space,” (BPLF Pres.)
Leonard said. “We know many of our branches are the thriving civic heart of the community.

Many of the changes are geared at turning the libraries into community hubs offering programming such as yoga, workshops
and book clubs."

"(Boston) Mayor Martin J. Walsh pointed out the upgrades come as more people than ever are visiting local libraries,
saying: “We’ve seen the number of library users increase both in the district branches and in the main library over the last couple of years. There is a resurgence of people using our local libraries again.”

Here's the link to the full story:

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Cred: bostonherald.com


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