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"It’s been discussed on Twitter more than any other show in 2017—and has catalyzed much needed conversations about preventing teen suicide—but school districts across the nation continue to be uncomfortable talking with students about Netflix’s hit series 13 Reasons Why. And thanks to the popularity of the show, some folks are being reminded that they don’t want teenagers to read the book it’s based on, either." See the whole article at the GOOD site here:

In Colorado, reports the Day Sentinel , Grand Junction, CO, "A School District 51 official ordered school librarians to remove a controversial book from circulation last month, a move that circumvented the district’s traditional process for reviewing such materials and raised concerns about censorship."

And librarians responded: "... cit(ing) the book’s value as the starter to conversations about the difficult topic, and how it helped teachers and students open a line of communication to discuss suicide."

“The novel itself was written as a suicide prevention awareness novel,” a librarian wrote, asking the district to reconsider censoring the award-winning novel."

Perhaps removing this book is a moot point considering this report from Variety: "Aside from its strong fanbase, “13 Reasons Why,” hailing from Paramount TV, is also a critical favorite. Variety‘s Maureen Ryan penned a column praising the series, titled “’13 Reasons Why’ Avoids TV’s Routine Exploitation of Dead Women by Forcing Us to Care.” In her review, she wrote that the show “is simply essential viewing.”

More on banned books here:



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