@BBCTech Reports @fightfortheftr says Bots using dead people's names to support @FCC deep sixing Net Neutrality
We Registered @fightfortheftr To Fight For Net Neutrality-Have You? @goRCLS @demandprogress @FCC and @EFF

Guggenheim offers Art Books •FREE• online @Guggenheim | @BeckettMufson and @brigitkatz

This short, exciting piece from Beckett Mufson, http://bit.ly/2r91htH at vice.com has put smiles on art lovers' lips at a time when we can all use a little bit more beauty and thoughtfulness in
our lives.

"A veritable art history degree's worth of books digitized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum are now available for free.", reports Mr. Mufson. How can we NOT take advantage? 

Brigit Katz ( @brigitkatz ) for Smithsonianmag.com reported this story as well, fleshing out the offerings with links to other institutions that are digitizing their collections for on-line sharing.
Read Ms. Katz's piece here: http://bit.ly/2r98hXs

ScrnGrb: vice.com



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