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We are about to have our lives wrested from us and most internet users don't even know it is so dangerous or why this proposed reversal is so nefarious.

GaurdianBrwsnghstryFrom The Guardian: "US House committee is set to vote today on whether to kill privacy rules that would prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from selling users’ web browsing histories and app usage histories to advertisers. Planned protections, proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that would have forced ISPs to get people’s consent before hawking their data – are now at risk."

the article continues...

"The new rules – dubbed the Broadband Consumer Privacy Proposal – would require broadband providers to get permission from subscribers before collecting and selling this data. Currently broadband providers can track users unless individuals opt out. The new rules were due to come into play as early as December 2017.

'Getting these rules was probably the biggest win in consumer privacy in years. If the repeal succeeds it would be pretty bad,' said Jeremy Gillula, from the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

The Guardian article (read the whole article here) ends with cautionary advice that we ignore at our privacy peril - and the 'fix' is clunky.

So how can users protect their browsing history?

You need to encrypt all your internet traffic. Some websites (like the Guardian) are already encrypted – marked out with HTTPS at the beginning of the URL – but ISPs would still be able to see which websites you have visited, just not the individual pages.

To mask all of your browsing behavior you can use a VPN service (which incurs a subscription cost) or try using Tor.

Good luck to us all.

ScrnGrbCred: the Guardian

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