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Quantum Excitement! Programmable quantum computer challenge cracked| L.Tung for ZDNet

This really is 'YUGE' ‎news; whether you 'believe' in science or not.

Encryption can't be too far behind (we hope) and then... to the stars and back!

‎"According to the Joint Quantum Institute at Maryland University, its researchers created a five qubit trapped ion device, which can be expanded up to 100 qubits. The device is described in a paper published in the journalNature.
Unlike the traditional ones and zeros used by digital computers to perform calculations, qubits can be prepared in both states and hence are capable of carrying out more calculations in parallel."
‎The ZDnet article has a short video that clearly demonstrates the hardware and software concepts and the TEDTalk is an added bonus.

SrenGrbCred: zdnet.com




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