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We have a new blue!

The colour Blue makes history, again.
Yttrium, Indium, Manganese‎ (Oxide), heated to 2,000F and mixed w/ chemicals resulted in an unintended vivid blue pigment called 'YInMn'. 

Scientists at Oregon State University discovered YInMn in experiments "related to electronics" in 2009. It has now been licensed for commercial use.

Blue pigment has been a precious commodity for millennia. This one, 'YInMn' doesn't fade in oil or water and "reflects a large amount of infrared light" making it a possible product to develop for energy efficiency uses.

Here is the site where you can read more about this quiet but game changing discovery:

For more information about how The Colour Blue influenced economies and cultural exchanges throughout human history, ‎take a look at this paper from the University of Minnesota by Anne Mattson. It will help you understand the importance of this beautiful, unexpected, present day scientific discovery.

ScrnGrbCrd: techinsider


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