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‎In the summers between 1994 and 2015 Robert Dawson traveled 48 states and DC, preserving in a photographic record 526 of the 16,536 public libraries that serve this country in any and all ways imaginable at every scale with all means available.

I particularly like the comments left on the LofC site: people in this country love their libraries!

Mr. Dawson called his photographic collection "The Public Library: An American Commons". 

His book titled, "The American Library, A Photographic Essay" with a foreword by Bill Moyers, is published by Princeton Architectural Press. In the future, this historic work will be available for all to see on the Library of Congress' website.


Here is the link to Robert Dawson's site showing more of his extraordinary photographs and large scale projects.

PhotoCred: Robert Dawson, Public Library Service Collection ; Library of Congress





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