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Regeneron funds 'the Nobel Prize of High School Science'

‎'This sponsorship could take the country out of its science doldrums'...'NdGT'

Science Talent Search, a program of the Society for Science & the Public, has a long time, vocal supporter who was (as ever) pumped to announce the Regeneron - 10 year $100 Million Grant to support the STS, sponsoring high school students to develop leading edge scientific research and discoveries.

Our beloved Neil deGrasse Tyson's announcement can be read and seen, in the link below :

Begun in 1921 by a journalist and a zoologist, ‎the Society for Science & the Public has had only two sponsors. Regeneron takes up the mantle from giants Westinghouse and Intel. 

Applications for the Regeneron STS are now being accepted for the 2917 vetting process:




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