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This article addresses ways to include visitors who view their museum experience through the lens of their particular place in our human consciousness.

Substitute the word 'museum' for 'library' and you have a framework for successfully integrating this demographic into your library users' experience - to everyone's delight!

• Make events for your autistic users a regular program item. 
• Include ‎your community 's autism groups in your program planning.
• Communicate well with all of your Staff about this library initiative. 
• Use innovative technologies to help the success of your programs. 
• Try it. Learn from your errors. Try again. Don't be afraid‎ to venture into this rewarding community experience.

Read the entire article: http://network.autism.org.uk/knowledge/insight-opinion/top-5-autism-tips-professionals-autism-friendly-museums

ScrnGrbCred: autism.org.uk


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