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Broad strokes insight into Library Space Planning - tip of the 'Planningberg'

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ScrnGrb: OCLC Webjunction 2014

This 2014 "46-page OCLC Webjunction guide, Transforming Library Spaces for Community Engagement, includes sections to help libraries and library staff to:

Create a Community Vision: Recognize the role of community input in a space planning process, and access strategies for obtaining this input to guide your efforts and related communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Design Your Space: Gain familiarity with the intersecting technical and creative considerations for launching a space transformation, and how to implement those considerations at your library.

Sustain Your Space: Consider how community engagement in a space transformation can happen at every stage of the process, whether in the planning, in the design or in the implementation of services or programs in the space.

Space Planning in Action: Learn more about the space planning process from the unique perspectives of two libraries that have implemented transformations with their communities."

Transforming Library Spaces for Community Engagement

This is a very 'broad strokes' approach to planning your library or even a library space.

Talking about "Project Management Competencies" does not a Project Manager make not does it give you the real life perspective on what data to use, how data can work for you and what data to share with your designer. It can serve as a 'memory point' for reference and lead you to links.

Planning for your library building project and being recognised as the leader of the library project is a huge undertaking that involves more behind the scenes work than any 'guide' can prepare you for.

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