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PLAN22 presenting 90 minute Workshop at #OLASC16 -Toronto 27Jan'16

Slide31_RCLSWkShp_redo for OLASC16PLAN22 Workshop:Shaping the Outcome of Your Library- Communicating Effectively with Design Professionals

Library building projects are very time consuming, expensive and one of the most difficult tasks faced by any librarian.  ‘Getting it right’ is critical.

The Library Building Program is an essential document used to communicate all of your library’s unique requirements to many interested people including your architect/design professional. 

Effectively and comprehensively describing the functional requirements for your library building will increase the probability that your building will serve the needs of both the staff and public. It helps to assure that your project will be a success.

This workshop provides participants with an overview of the process inherent in creating your Building Program.

The 90 minute workshop will provide an overview of this complex and exacting subject. It will give librarians a better understanding of what information and data they will need to gather and help them to structure this information in order to effectively communicate with all concerned parties.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will:
  • Understand the value and importance of the building program.
  • Know the elements that comprise a building program.
  • Understand the critical data gathering required to complete a building program.
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