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Librarians have hats too

Librarians Won’t Tell You ... but should!

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This article Readers Digest online, came to my attention through my Linked in feed, posted by Donald I. Crews. He annotated his list.

I think two items are especially noteworthy - numbers 5 and 6 ...

5. As author Neil Gaiman said, “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.” A big part of a librarian’s job used to be finding information—now much of 
it is sifting the reliable information from the slanted.

6. I’m really, really tired of people asking, “Are libraries obsolete?” There are more public libraries in 
the United States than McDonald’s restaurants—16,536, including branches—and 58 percent of American adults have library cards. Those numbers don’t even include school, government, or university libraries.

Connected libguides.bcu.ac.uknursingjd
Connected libguides.bcu.ac.uk

FROM: Reader's Digest Magazine October 2015Sources: Librarians Jenny Arch in Arlington, Massachusetts; Brita Zitin in suburban Chicago, Illinois; Laura Lintz in Rochester, New York; Rita Meade in New York, New York; Nanci Milone Hill in Dracut, Massachusetts; a librarian in Florida; Pew Research Center; reddit.com

Link to Neil Gaiman

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