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I know this is an unusual post for a site run by two people who help librarians plan the best library they can possibly design. 

But...my oldest sister gave me a Barbie when she was a brand new idea. I had a Skipper and Ken and Midge (no one remembers Midge!). 

My mother made the Barbie's clothes ‎that augmented some 'bought ' outfits (the blue velvet pants with the blue mohair cardigan was my favourite).

I played with Barbie and I became an Architect. I thought I had to 'think like a man to do the work it took to get my degree and 'make it' in a 'man's world'; but I didn't. I don't. I am a woman whose life experience is mixed up in many influences from Barbie to Bahaus.

I still have Barbie, in her original box and all the outfits my Mum made. And, I really like this list. Especially #9!‎ And #10 is sort of timely too.

‎Here's the link, it will open in another window.



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