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Ferguson Library Refuge for Adults and Children

Puppets. Goats. Gardens. Surviving. Libraries are relevant.

This beautifully paced TedxMildeHigh 2013 presentation by Pam Sandlian, Rangeview Library District director and the recipient of the 2010 Colorado Librarian of the Year Award presented by the Colorado Association of Libraries, is popular on YouTube, and timeless.

I want to include it in our space for the record.   



Pam Sandlian TedxMileHigh_2014 Aug-2
screen shot: Ms Sandlian


Idea UK
London, England rebrands their libraries as "the Idea Stores"

She presents her story so simply and well. Her point is clear and easy to grasp... libraries are important now, they always will be, to everyone for his or her own reasons and for democracy to flourish.

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