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Shout out to On-line Participants SOLS-APLL Librarians

2014_14July_ScreenShot_TitleSlide_Wbnr2SOLSWhat better day to learn how to document your needs for your new library (greatest ever cornerstone of Democracy) than Bastille Day?

Thank you, librarians from the APLL Institute at Southern Ontario Library Service, who participated in our webinar "The Library Program - Roadmap to a successful New Library Building". Or - Architectural Programming, the very short version!


We know it was a huge chunk of information to digest. 2014_14July_ScreenShot_WhyDoStratPlan_Wbnr2SOLS

It will all make sense once you begin your new project.

Keep on being your amazing, information-seraching, freedom-loving selves.

It will all work out - promise.

Special thank you to Anne Marie M! 

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