'Repurposing' or 'Adapting, as Libraries always have done'
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Rethinking architecture | MIT News Office

2014_14July_Mark Goulthorpe_screen grabMark Goulthorpe likes to see the world we occupy as a "physically reciprocal relationship between a person and the environment." Mr. Grulthorpe "teaches and practices new design and construction logics for the next generation of high-performance buildings ... that are not only resilient, economical, and visually stunning, but also offers insights into attaining environmentally benign buildings."

He is centering much of his reasearch on "thermoplastics. As the most benign class of fiber-reinforced polymers, they are rapidly entering broad market applications and hold the possibility to address a growing need. Current MIT estimations have the built environment doubling in the next 20 to 30 years, with the amount of urban housing needed likely to match that built in the previous 6,000 years."


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