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Webinar to Clebrate the SOLStice

19 June 2014

Tomorrow we have the privilege of conducting for the third time, the first of two updated webinars for the Southern Ontario Library Service SOLS.

2014_SOLS WBNR1 title slide captureWe kick off their Advancing Public Library Leadership (APLL) Institute. A "two year certificate program designed to expand and advance the leadership capacity of public library CEOs and managers. Pronounced 'apple,' the APLL Institute combines the flexibility of online learning with highly interactive classroom sessions."

This webinar gives an overview of The Library Development Guide #5, 2010.  (That) "covers the crucial work of building municipal and community support for a building project based on documenting the community's need for a new or expanded building. 

The process begins with a thorough information gathering process that helps you assess your facility requirements in terms of meeting the future needs of the community, as captured in the librarys strategic plan." Haves and Have Nots

We hope that you can join us and take the opportunity to ask questions and follow the  links provided during the presentation.  We are available throughout the course to help you develop a through undestanding of the importance of leading your Library Building Project.

PLAN22 are the authors of The Library Development Guide #5, 2010, ed. SOLS


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