‎Sen. Patrick Leahy (Vermont) receiving Public Service Award from 'United for Libraries- ALA'
Coalition Slams Net Neutrality Rules

Net Neutrality - The Movie

Net Neutrality graphic-1Net Neutrality really is AT RISK. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours. Tell your Librarian. Tell your local Pizza Shop.

The following is a direct quote from MoveOn.org

We have until May 15 to make enough noise to stop the corporate takeover of the Internet. Watch on to see what’s at stake–and invite your friends.

The length of a sitcom episode, The Internet Must Go is funny, engaging, and full of truth. It stars Al Franken, The Daily Show‘s John Hodgman, and former MoveOn.org Executive Director Eli Pariser, and it just won a Webby Award—the Internet’s version of the Oscars—in Online Film & Video for Public Service & Activism.


(Full disclosure: This award-winning video was made by a friend of MoveOn—Gena Konstantinakos, who in addition to being a terrific filmmaker is married to Eli Pariser.)

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