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the fine art of drafting contracts...for your very own private city!

24-TOWN-articleLarge_Sandy Hills GA

"With public employee unions under attack in states like Wisconsin, and with cities across the country looking to trim budgets, behold a town built almost entirely on a series of public-private partnerships — a system that leaders around here refer to, simply, as “the model.”" - NYTimes

Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Go ahead, do the search. 

Where would a member of a private city run on contracts to private companies go to find information like that resident in a public library? Is the 'pubic' library in the neighbouring town providing service? How does that work?

Good questions.

Here's what is written in the 'Newcomers Guide' to the Sandy Springs community about the Library:

"The Atlanta-Fulton Library System serves residents of Sandy Springs with a local library." my note: this branch operates 7 days a week!)
Atlanta-Fulton County Library System web site for the Sandy Springs Branch.

The branch is at the heart of the Sandy Springs Community. Sandysprings branch_MAP

If this is the future; and this is the present, then I'm getting pretty nervous.  There is real and present support for this model of living in the "United" States of America and in Canada (there is a blog I won't give mention to in print that loudly supports the Canadian dream of the tea party ideal- including this private city.)

Included in our webinar for SOLS - Building a New Library, Taking the Lead SOLS Course Overview lead slide- is a talking point under the topic 'Trends', "the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ will continue to widen in our lifetime, on a global scale."  Sandy Springs,GA, a contracted community, is an example of that widening that reinforces my decision to add that subject to our presentation.

Here's an interesting statistic: from the income, earnings and wages data.

Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $442,100 (it was $316,600 in 2000)

Sandy Springs: $442,100
Georgia: $162,800


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