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Putting the 'branding' cart before the 'substance' cart - are libraries keeping up?

125px-Apple-logo.svg"If you promise something clearly, deliver on that promise, and repeat the process, you build strong emotional links to your company with certain consumers. But that’s where the value resides: in my head and your head."


It's true, engineers at a steam generating company don't sit around all day designing a branding strategy to make the customer aware of the electricity it helps produce.

Everyone uses electricity.  Electricity is essential to our way of life.

GeektheLibrary-PosterTemplate_Colin Palmer_running_2821Everyone reads (well, not everyone can - but that's another issue altogether).  Reading is essential to our way of life.  Not everyone uses their library. Logo

Are librarians thinking about their library branding strategy enough? 

Are libraries relying on the fantasy - 'We exist, therefore people will use the library'?

Getting the word out that libraries support a well informed citizenry is not easy, but it can be done.   250px-Vancouver_Public_Library

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Make sure that your product is the best quality and meets your communitiy's needs.  Your library building will support a well executed strategic plan that includes a good, honest look at what your community needs. AFL_logo_72dpi



Check out this article for more inforamtion on the discussion ... 'Why Branding Is An Artifact of the Past',, Brian Millar.

photo: K.Watson, for the Wallkill Public Library, Geek Your LIbrary Campaign M.L.Carolan - CEO

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