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new meaning to 'blue sky' ideas

Morris Arboretum Tree adventure 2

Planning a new library?  Let your imagination soar.  Take inspiration from this adventurous and delightful design: the Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure. Morris Arboretum / ArchDaily

"Suspended 50 feet above the forest floor, this network of walkways (450-feet in length) provides a bird’s eye view of the forest, complete with a giant Bird’s Nest, Squirrel Scramble rope, and many vista platforms."

What a dream, to read in a tree house.  Even better, to have a whole library up there in the leaves and sky.  This brilliant little project is, unfortunately not a library...BUT designs like this one can inspire us all to new heights for our library design.

Morris Arboretum’s Tree Adventure exhibit Out on a Limb, designed by , was the 2010 AIA Philadelphia Design Excellence Gold Medal Winner, 2010 AIA Pennsylvania Architectural Excellence Award, 2010 “Best of Philly” Award, and the 2010 American Association of Museums Excellence in Exhibition Design Award.  

Morris Arboretum Tree adventure 3

Morris Arboretum Tree adventure 1


If you don't envision your perfect solution for your library's design challenges, you will not get a library that meets your community's needs.

When the serious design phase begins with your architect, you will make compromises. 

Your imagined ideas will come up against hard reality.


Let your imagination soar;  take it and your common sense with you throughout the design process and beyond. Morris Arboretum Tree adventure 4



credits:Architects: Metcalfe Architecture & Design
Location: , ,
Consultant: Forever Young Treehouse, Inc
Structural Engineers: CVM Engineering
Construction Managers: CVM Construction
Civil Engineers: Hunt Engineering Company
Lighting Designers: Grenald Waldron Associates
Exhibit Designers: Sparks Exhibits and Environments
Photographs: Paul Warchol

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