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Libraries - resources to get us through these tough times

It's no secret.  Demand for library services has risen steadily these past two years as people struggle to stay afloat through this ' economic downturn ' - a polite way to reference this International RecessionSlow Economy Fuels Surge in Library Use

Perversely, the local, state, provincial and federal governments have continued to decresase funding to libraries and systems steadily and mercilessly

Libraries face rising costs:

  • increasing wages and benefitsincreasing demand for print and AV materials
  • increasing demand for digital resources
  • the high cost of telecommunications and need for higher bandwidth
  • the high cost of maintaining computer systems
  • population growth and diversity
  • demands for increased hours and services

People and Libraries are fighting for their lives.  Advocating in aTough Economy - TOOLKIT.

People are beginning to notice how important the library is in their communities.  (...) the Library,a cozy place to look for a job

We particularly like this little sound bite - you can use it to your hearts content - it usually makes people think for a second.

Libraries will get us through times of no money better than money will get us through times of no libraries!

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