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In Britian: "Library membership from birth"

Oh Canada, (libraries) subtle, strong and free!

"Sometimes a library is just a library. Other times,(...)the coolest place on earth."    The American Libraries Magazine on line published this little gem the beginning of March this year. 

The Winter Games were an opportunity to show the world that libraries are more than just books.Canadalibraryolympics

"...under exceptional circumstances, a library has got to be more than just books, movies, and technology; it’s got to be a flexible, fluid entity that responds to (or better yet, anticipates) its audience. It starts out with noble intentions, and then it gives the crowds what they really want:..."

Read more of Shelley Civkin's (communications officer at Richmond PL) article about their Olympic experience!

Makes this Canadian blogperson proud! Vancouver wows Olympians

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