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Two WEBINARS for SOLS~23 April & 27 May 2010


We will build on the information presented in the recent publication that PLAN22 authored for the Southern Ontario Library System (SOLS): Making the Case for Your Building ProjectThese webinars will focus on developing further the concepts of data gathering and building program development.

WEBINAR 1 ~ 23 April,  10:00 to 11:15 am Capture Webinar 1 cover slide

Data Collection - the Foundation to Effective Leadership of a Library Building Project.  Our main message: you can't get where you're going if you don't know where you are.


We emphasize how important it is for the librarian to lead the examination of  the library's existing processes and spaces.  Understanding the facts about your existing library will lead to better decision making.  When planning is removed from emotion and personal impressions, you are well placed to deliver of the library that your community needs. 

The more you understand about your library the better able you are to communicate your library's vision.  Your audiences can be the community, special interest groups, City Council, the press and Municipal Council. The person who manages the data collection and the analysis of that information is best able to communicate Library's plans. 

WEBINAR 2  ~ 27 May 10:00 to 11:15 am

Webinar 2 Program_Title Slide

The Library Building Program - Roadmap to Success.   The library building program is the base for all the decisions that will be made throughout the building project.  The building programming exercise is a vital, accessible tool.  It helps to ensure that every aspect of the project is investigated and documented.

In this webinar session we will underscore~

  • the importance of the data that comprises the library building program,
  • how it is communicated,
  • how it is presented,
  • how it is used and
  • who uses it. 

A well designed, thoroughly written, relevant building program helps the library Board and building team meet the needs of the community.  A good building program, used as a working document throughout the design and building phases of the project, helps keep the project on target and librarian in the leadership seat.

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