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Teens/ Technology & Friendships | Pew Research Center

Not surprising data.
A little chilling for those of us who made friends on the playground and in class but true nonetheless and we have to deal with this in the library world and our daily lives 

How do we relate to our next generation ?






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How to Attract a Variety of Teens?

This is a clear little article that addresses some sensitive points about navigating your Teen Group dynamic. No challenge is insurmountable you only need some innovative action. 

Here are some excerpts. The full piece is worth a read.





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Support Libraries and Teen Literacy~YALSA

Credits :Photo screen shots: video this article.

TEN WAYS TO SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY and enrich the lives of our young citizens...

1. Get a library card. Sign up your children for library cards.
2. Write to your local paper about your library and how it helps your family; use an example linked to this article.
3. ‎Donate to YALSA.
4. ‎Distribute free teen reading resources found in this article.
5. ‎Share the info found in this article with your local politicians.
6. Compare‎ your library's Teen Programs with National Standards using info in this article and share with your library and elected officials.
7. Be part of the movement to support your future : Volunteer‎ at Your Library
8. Host a fund raiser: ideas in article. 
9. Become part of your Library Support Group.
10. This May, go with your community and library supporters to Library Legislative Day. Libraries organize busses to take you to Washington to visit Federal Legislators offices to speak to their staff, to show how important libraries are in this country.

Be seen. Be heard.

There are links to documents, sites and details about all these topics in the following article. Click on a couple and see‎ which one inspires you or your children and teens to Take Action for Your Library !

Be sure to take a moment to view the touching and well produced video at the end.



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99% of Libraries Provide Internet Access - YALSA Infographic / #NLLD14 - What Libraries do for Teens

We are in Washington preparing for National Library Lobby Day #NLLD14 .

Most instructive regarding teens issues is this link I saw on Twitter posted by @AutoGraphicsInc

I think it is an info-graphic every librarian and person in your community should see.


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"pre-censoring" in Arizona

Under the category of - You really should READ a book first before you slam it....

Issue:  "(Should) elected officials ... be allowed to swoop in and say whether a book is appropriate or not based on ideological concerns." ?

"Public-school-district libraries have long fielded complaints about books after they hit the shelves. But the question of whether books are being omitted from school libraries simply because of their subject matter, before anyone can complain, is trickier."
Form of school-book censoring emerges.  Read the full article from the 'Arizona Republic'.

You Don't Know About Me coverYou Don't Know About Me, is on the list of books Rep. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, AZ, thought were 'objectionable' based on their titles.  He hadn't read them.

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What does 'the commons' mean to you?

Listen to our teens!  They want a space to call their own in their libraries. 

We all need a space to call our own.  Places and spaces for us to come together face to face, outside of our cyberworlds, are becoming ever more necessary for our sanity, emotional development and survival. 

Thahrir Square February 2011 Think of the importance of a city square where thousands co-operate to bring about the first steps toward democracy to a county. 


Kimpton Hotel Solamor Ssan Diego_lobby Think of a hotel lobby with foor lamps and really cozy arm chairs where two people lay aside their books to discuss both sides of the political views on universal health care.


PIC_0886 Think about how your library provides this essential 'spacial opportunity' that you provide for people of all ages in your community.  We call it the commons.

(seating, teen space - Clifton Halfmoon Library, NY)

Strategic-planning-for-resultsIn our strategic planning sessions with library staff and communities we always hear about the need for a library to provide a space  - a common area - for people to simply be in the presence of other humans.    Strategic Planning for Results, Sandra Nelson for the Public Library Association


Today I found a link to this book.  One part of the synopsis reads:

"Filled with practical solutions for today's economic, political, and cultural issues, it's a much-needed and thoroughly accessible field guide to the new world of the commons. Including success stories from communities across the country and around the world, this book is for anyone seeking new ways of thinking about our shared values."

All That We Share

How to Save the Economy, the Environment, the Internet, Democracy, Our Communities, and Everything Else That Belongs to All of Us

Jay Walljasper and On the Commons

paperback -  $18.95 USD

A very old idea has once more morphed into a very currrent and modern solution for our inter-isolated, globally-intertwined lives. Libraries are the core of the much larger concept of 'the commons' discussed in this book.

At PLAN22 we think libraries are an essential and integral piece of a communty's commons.  Look around you, listen to your neighbours, observe the growing popularity of this concept that is once more becoming a respected ideal in our modern world. 

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