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Still time to register for our WEBINAR for @LLAMA_ALA - tomorrow, Wed. 10 August

LLAMA ALA Aug16_ScrnCapWebObjTomorrow we present "Communicating Effectively with Design Professionals - Shaping the Outcome of your Library"; our WEBINAR for @LLAMA_ALA. 

Details at this link. Hope we meet you there. LLAMA logo

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Privacy by Design: ensuring privacy, gaining personal control over your information

Today more than 300 committed citizens of the world are working to help you control your private and personal information. They are all global Ambassadors for PRIVACY by DESIGN. (PbD)

The "PbD framework" for the "unanimously (adopted)... resolution by International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Jerusalem at their annual conference in 2010 ensures that privacy is embedded into new technologies and business practices, right from the outset – as an 'essential component of fundamental privacy protection'.”

screen shot

Privacy by Design is a concept that was developed by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, back in the 90’s, to address the ever-growing and systemic effects of Information and Communication Technologies, and of large–scale networked data systems.

"At the time, (when PbD was started) the notion of embedding privacy into the design of technology was far less popular – taking a strong regulatory stance was the preferred course of action. Since then, things have changed considerably and the Privacy by Design approach is now enjoying widespread popularity.

Privacy by Design advances the view that the future of privacy cannot be assured solely by compliance with legislation and regulatory frameworks; rather, privacy assurance must ideally become an organization’s default mode of operation.

Initially, deploying Privacy–Enhancing Technologies (PETs) was seen as the solution. Today, we understand that a more substantial approach is required – extending the use of PETs to taking a positive–sum, not a zero-sum, approach."

More: The Origins of Privacy by Design

Quoting directly from their site:

Privacy by Design does not wait for privacy risks to materialize, nor does it offer remedies for resolving privacy infractions once they have occurred – it aims to prevent them from occurring. In short, Privacy by Design comes before-the-fact, not after.

PdD (ensures that) privacy and gaining personal control over one’s information and, for organizations, gaining a sustainable competitive advantage — may be accomplished by practicing the 7 Foundational Principles.

Proactive not Reactive; Preventative not Remedial

Privacy as the Default Setting

Privacy Embedded into Design

Full Functionality – Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum

End-to-End Security – Full Lifecycle Protection

Visibility and Transparency – Keep it Open

Respect for User Privacy – Keep it User-Centric


We are honoured and proud to announce that with Robert's acceptance at PbD,PLAN22 has just become a member Ambassador.

screen shot-Twitter



PbD keeps up to date with international Privacy Precedents.

"Increasingly, courts in Canada and the U.S. are deciding vital issues related to law enforcement, technology, and our right to privacy. In an effort to counter any impression that privacy is somehow dead or dying in this area, we will be pointing you to the latest privacy-protective decisions that caught our eye. You are invited to actively participate. Please submit any judicial decisions you see to to be considered for the site."

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ClassAct: Active School by actLAB NYC partnered with the St. Vincent Institute in the town of Maribojoc, Bohol, Philippines

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In the Philippines, actLAB NYC on KICKSTARTER (see our side bar on this site) has partnered with the St. Vincent Institute in the town of Maribojoc, Bohol, which was completely destroyed by back-to back catastrophes: the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that was immediately followed by super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) on October 15, 2013 in the largely rural region of Visayasand. The area remains largely on it's own to struggle without funding.

This partnership project is an attempt to rebuild space for 150 students of  the 1,134 classrooms that were destroyed.

school after twin disasters

"The structures combine local craftsmanship with modern engineering for maximum resiliency. The goal is to empower locals to maintain and repair the structure with their inherent building knowhow + innovate cottage industries [thus revitalizing the local economic ecosystem] while promoting sustainability."


ClassAct design
flexible design/local materials/local construction methods

Want to help? Click HERE too and go to 'Donate' on the far right at the ClassAct Foundation.

" actLAB is a New York-based collaborative design group working at the intersection of architecture, education, illustration and social entrepreneurship. We design for the the social effect we aspire architecture to instigate, and draw from urban complexities and shifts that architecture must respond to. | actLAB is lead by Australian registered architect & Columbia University GSAPP alum + academic, Aya Maceda ( with collaborators, Buzz Wei (architect/ GSAPP alum: and Sandra Javera (architect/illustrator: | 195 Plymouth Street, Dumbo Brooklyn, NY 11201"

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Workshop coming up...Planning a Library Space Project? Talk to Your Library’s Users

2014_RCLSPlngWkshp_Slide31 snip













On Friday the 28 March, I am presenting a Workshop to librarians, members of the Ramapo Catskill Library System , about the importance of talking with and listening to users, staff, community and architects throughout the planning phase of a Library Building Project

You cannot effectively communicate with people about your project unless you know what your library needs are in great detail.  We always stress the essential element - your Strategic Plan.

A well researched and documented Plan is only the beginnning of the process of planning and building your new library or library space. It is an understatement to say that a project like this will demand of you a great deal of work and personal dedication. A Library Building Project is one of the most demanding and ultimately, rewarding projects you will ever do.

This Workshop outlines in detail the work required so that you will be prepared to answer the questions put to you by your board, the public and your architect throughout the Library Building Project.


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NYLA e-Bulletin is publishing PLAN22's 11 part series "Strategic Planning @ Your Library".

Members see: The e-Bulletin

This month's topic:
4-Rresources-GIF crpfrmLooking at your library - Your Library is one of the four RESOURCES common to all public libraries.

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good design is named, flavour of the decade - LEED

Who would do good, sensible design if it weren't named other than a rose? 

I would, I do, but I gather the rest of the world needs a catchy handle. 



As a person who did her design education in the 70's I find this 'already-done-and-got-the-high-heels-like'.   Perhaps some building owners and trustees still haven't heard of any of this so here goes.


International Interest Grows in Green-Building Certification-By,Kate Galbraith. New York Times. Published: March 7, 2012

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Library Systems roles and value explained

Library Systems are poster children! 

Librarians have always known how to work together collectively to deliver high quality service to the maximum number of people for the least amount of money.  Library Systems help librarians achieve those lofty goals every day, 24/7.

Library Systems in New York, and in other states and provinces are the support system to librarians and library users.  People who work for a Library System often do so in the background to provide all manner of services from inter library loans; cataloging and automated on line catalogs; trustee training and help with grant applications and processing funds from state aid.  Library systems help our librarians provide the services to a public who expects excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on line and in the library.

Title page Albany Hearings still


This  video   was taken 29 November 2011 in Albany, NY. Play time is 25m 45sec.

It is an excerpt from a Public Hearing: Funding Public Libraries in New York State under the New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Libraries & Education Technology, Chair, Assemblyman, Bob Reilly. 

The speakers are, in order of appearance: Robert Hubsher, Executive Director of the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS), Middletown, NY RCLS Facts  ;  Marilyn McIntosh, Director/Librarian, Monroe Free Library, Monroe, NY MONROE  and James Mahoney, Director/Librarian, Nyack Library, Nyack, NY The Nyack Library| Welcome .


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Roadmap to a Successful New Library Building - the SLIDES & NOTES

LMIMakingTheCase_CoverSlide_10July2011 For those of you who are interested in accessing the slide presentation that we gave at the Library Management Institute at Arcadia University a week they are in .pdf format.

Download 2011-Library-Management-Institute-Conference

  Call out button on Adobe version of LMI Roadmap slide show




 To see the notes, right click or hover on the call out button at the upper left corner of the slide.


Helping you achieve the library design you need through experience and architectural programming.

A big thank you to our workshop participants and to Bob Kieserman at the Library Management Institute

Yesterday we welcomed seven people our workshop - Roadmap to a Successful New Building.  Thank you all for your participation and for sharing your experiences. I will have the slides and our notes posted here within the week.

Arcadia University is a little jewel of a campus with "more than 4,000 students choose from among 75 fields of study."  We were impressed with the physical therapy and physician assistant degrees that they offer.  They have a fascinating range of programs: Arcadia University








Bob Kiserman and Ms.Timothy of the Library Management Institute LMI, and the guest speakers were welcoming and accomodating; the roster of workshop topics was timely and useful; the presenters were steeped in the knowledge of their subjects that comes with years of life experience and we wish we could have stayed and gone to many of the workshops ourselves!

ArcadiaCastle_themostat_10July2011_1518 I can't resist adding this photo:  It's a thermostat on the marble wall of the 'Ladies' in the castle building - end of the 19th century technology!  Take a closer look at the bottom when you roll over the pop out image.

Our appreciation also to Ann Marie Mazdiack and the Southern Ontario Library System for allowing us to refer to their Library Development Guide #5 - Making the Case for your Library Building Project that we authored for them.  SOLS publications

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Get your geek on. Support the library. |

Get your geek on. Support the library. |

29 January 2011

Check out this site!  Learn how to get the word about your library out to your community.  Free. Effectively. Professionally!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded OCLC to develop a promotional campaign that is distributed free to any library that wants to participate in this, beautifully designed and eye-catching program.

Our thanks to Mary Lou Carolan of the Walkill Public Library in Walkill New York for inviting us to join her colleagues -  librarians from Orange County, NY, - their staff; teens; Friends of the Walkill Library; interested citizens and supportive Seniors. 

Jenny Powell from OCLC -Home [OCLC] (US) and Home [OCLC] (CAN) made a comprehensive presentation to introduce the concept and answered dozens of questions from the group who became more excited by the program as Jenny showed how the promotional materials can be used and tailored to fit local library needs.

Polaroid-geek Explore the site and see how you can getyourlibrarygeekon at your library!


Helping you achieve the library design you need through experience and architectural programming.

In Britian: "Library membership from birth"


MARCH 2010 ... a new UK strategic plan for public libraries

UK Strategic Plan for Libraries

Margaret Hodge, Minister for Culture who launched the Public Library Consultation in December 2009 writes in her Introduction: “A vision for Public Libraries”: "...public libraries are not about sitting back and passively waiting for people to borrow your books – they are about active engagement with the community, making links to other public services, and responding to the policy imperatives of the day. Where that happens there is evidence of their transformative impact."

The modernisation review of public libraries:A policy statement (issued to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport,by Command of Her Majesty, March 2010) has 6 Chapters - the titles of which are:

"Chapter 1 – Aim: to drive the quality of all library services up to the level of the best

Chapter 2 – Aim: to reverse the current trend of decline in library usage and grow the numbers using the library service

Chapter 3 – Aim: that the library service is able to respond to limited public resource and economic pressures

Chapter 4 – Aim: to ensure that all libraries respond to a 24/7 culture and to changing expectations of people who want immediate access to information

Chapter 5 – Aim: that all libraries grasp the opportunities presented by digitisation

Chapter 6 – Aim: to demonstrate to citizens, commentators and politicians that libraries are still relevant and vital"

Here are some of the key issues set out in the plan for implementation at the national and local levels:

  • Library membership from birth
  • people to "have (a) say and get involved in shaping the service (at the local level)"
  • "Free access to a range...of book stock to browse and borrow and online resources and information that meet local needs (including e-books as the market grows)"
  • Access to the national book collection – any book from anywhere
  • Free Internet access for all
  • Help to get online
  • Links to other public services and opportunities
  • Connect(ing) people to other readers through reading groups..."
  • Flexible opening hours to suit the needs of the local people
  • Commitment to customer service and expert, helpful staff
  • A safe local space which is accessible and convenient for the community
  • Services which reach out and attract local people
  • An opportunity to be a member of all libraries in England

 UK Strategic Plan for Libraries

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Two WEBINARS for SOLS~23 April & 27 May 2010


We will build on the information presented in the recent publication that PLAN22 authored for the Southern Ontario Library System (SOLS): Making the Case for Your Building ProjectThese webinars will focus on developing further the concepts of data gathering and building program development.

WEBINAR 1 ~ 23 April,  10:00 to 11:15 am Capture Webinar 1 cover slide

Data Collection - the Foundation to Effective Leadership of a Library Building Project.  Our main message: you can't get where you're going if you don't know where you are.


We emphasize how important it is for the librarian to lead the examination of  the library's existing processes and spaces.  Understanding the facts about your existing library will lead to better decision making.  When planning is removed from emotion and personal impressions, you are well placed to deliver of the library that your community needs. 

The more you understand about your library the better able you are to communicate your library's vision.  Your audiences can be the community, special interest groups, City Council, the press and Municipal Council. The person who manages the data collection and the analysis of that information is best able to communicate Library's plans. 

WEBINAR 2  ~ 27 May 10:00 to 11:15 am

Webinar 2 Program_Title Slide

The Library Building Program - Roadmap to Success.   The library building program is the base for all the decisions that will be made throughout the building project.  The building programming exercise is a vital, accessible tool.  It helps to ensure that every aspect of the project is investigated and documented.

In this webinar session we will underscore~

  • the importance of the data that comprises the library building program,
  • how it is communicated,
  • how it is presented,
  • how it is used and
  • who uses it. 

A well designed, thoroughly written, relevant building program helps the library Board and building team meet the needs of the community.  A good building program, used as a working document throughout the design and building phases of the project, helps keep the project on target and librarian in the leadership seat.

Helping you achieve the library design you need through experience and architectural programming.

PLAN22 supporting librarians & communities

  • Advising...librarians on library building planning processes.  
  • Facilitating...strategic planning for libraries and communities.

 At PLAN22 we combine 50 years of knowledge and expertise in librarianship and architecture to help librarians and their communities.

PLAN22 helps librarians communicate with architects to plan for and implement designs for new construction, additions or renovations to library buildings.

Planning Session MunroeOur thanks to the good people who gave their time at the
planning group at Monroe Public Library 

Helping you achieve the library design you need through experience and architectural programming.