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Library as Third Place - I Geek Global Literacy!

Just checking in on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  Gates Fndtn Logowork with US Libraries.

Here's the latest link form the foundation web site about their work to foster the community library as a safe Third Place in our lives.

Gates Fndtn libary work



and don't forget the GEEK Your Library program sponsored by OCLC and the Gates Foundation.

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TELL your community what you do!

This recent article in the Boston Globe, "The new independent bookshop: It’s in your local library", is instructive in two ways.

  1. It gets the word out to Bostonians that libraries are selling books.  Actually selling books.  In a bookstore.  And people are coming in and buying them.  Come to your Library and BUY BOOKS, just like in a REAL BOOKSTORE!
  2. It shows the library community that we are not effective in getting the word out to our communities about ALL the services we offer and what we do every day, every year for our communities.

After you scan the Boston Globe article, take a look at this website out of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.  The Friends of the Cornwall Public Library/Les Amis de la Bibliothèque Publique de Cornwall have their own Friend's Space that was designed for them when the library moved to it's current location in the 90's.

Friends Cornwall Public_June 02,03

The Friend's Group there is incredibly active and has done amazing work for the library, raising many thousands of dollars that they have given to the library to fund essential needs.  These are the people that do the work and bring in the people who normally wouldn't go to their library. 

These are the people who haul boxes of books, man the bookstore as volunteers and collect the money to help their library in a very real way.  This is what the article in the Boston Globe is reporting about.  We have had the privilege of knowing most of the people in this photograph, and we know the work that they do behind the scenes.

Thousands of libraries across the US and Canada have Friend's Bookstores.  Libraries are already doing nearly everything they can to bring in revenue to bolster dwindling funding.  Librarians must be more active in their communities.  Librarians must stand out, stand up and tell everyone about the services and amazing programs you offer at your libraries.

Thanks and fondest regards to Cornwall Public Library/Bibliothèque Publique de Cornwall.

Helping you achieve the library design you need through experience and architectural programming. We work with you to plan your library.