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A 9 year old who doesn't know she can't do the unbelievable

We complain about our operating hours and our funding and how to stay relevant in the 'information age' and this little one

9yr old librarian

"Muskaan Ahirwar (who) lives in the slums of Arera Hills in Bhopal", India can put us all to shame just by being a 9 year old who doesn't know she can't do the unbelievable.

After school each day when she gets home, she reads to her friends who flock to hear her and feed their hunger for knowledge and delight.


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Support Libraries and Teen Literacy~YALSA

Credits :Photo screen shots: video this article.

TEN WAYS TO SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY and enrich the lives of our young citizens...

1. Get a library card. Sign up your children for library cards.
2. Write to your local paper about your library and how it helps your family; use an example linked to this article.
3. ‎Donate to YALSA.
4. ‎Distribute free teen reading resources found in this article.
5. ‎Share the info found in this article with your local politicians.
6. Compare‎ your library's Teen Programs with National Standards using info in this article and share with your library and elected officials.
7. Be part of the movement to support your future : Volunteer‎ at Your Library
8. Host a fund raiser: ideas in article. 
9. Become part of your Library Support Group.
10. This May, go with your community and library supporters to Library Legislative Day. Libraries organize busses to take you to Washington to visit Federal Legislators offices to speak to their staff, to show how important libraries are in this country.

Be seen. Be heard.

There are links to documents, sites and details about all these topics in the following article. Click on a couple and see‎ which one inspires you or your children and teens to Take Action for Your Library !

Be sure to take a moment to view the touching and well produced video at the end.



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Walkill Librarian and power source, Mary Lou Carolan MC'd the Walkill Public Library - IMAGINE THAT! Children's Theater Project on Sunday afternoon.

What a fant2013_03_17_Wlkl PL_ML Stage children_C0791astic way to involved children in reading @ Their Library.  The acts in the hour long production were about books; being IN books; READING books; what books MEAN to the children who know them so well.

We danced in the audience and responded to their cues.  What fun!

Here are some of the photos I took.  See and learn more here at the Walkill Public Library website, it's a happenin' place.

  2013_03_17_Wlkl PL_ML Stage Producers Director_C0795







  2013_03_17_Wlkl PL_ML Stage children_C0797










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New Blog on the Street - Books Reviewed by Kids

Treat yourself to a refreshing read.  Check out this blog subtitled "My review of books I have read."

I am pleased to include a link to a well written and info-dense and critically adept blog written by a young woman whom I have the honour to know.  Childrens' and Young Adult Librarians - you may want to take a look.  It's well worth the read.

Here's a little sample: 

"A friend of mine  recommended this book and when I saw the title I w as  not veryWhangdoodle_from NMcL enticed but tried it  anyways. I couldn’t put it down there were so many twists in the plot that I would have never thought were coming. It really captivated the idea that imagination is one of the greatest things that anyone can have, without it we would not have so many things, if someone didn’t imagine that we could have portable devises that we could talk through we would never have gotten a cellphone."


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