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Libraries: better investment than gold|Australian Library&Information Association

The ROI for the services provided to the 47 libraries in the co-operative Ramapo Catskill Library System, where ‎Robert is Executive Director, is $4.54. Not bad. We see investment in libraries as gold in the bank too. 

Good on ya Australian Libraries and library staff. Nice study and good evidence based reporting. Libraries and those who work in them really are invaluable and their worth nearly incalculable.

Screen shot: article, ‎ALIA.


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Toronto Public Library gives commuters a ticket to read|Toronto Star

Congrats to Anne Bailey and her great staff at TPL!



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PUBLIC LIBRARIES 2020/latest update

screen capture

Are people still asking, "Do libraries 'have a future'?

Do you find yourself defending funding to libraries - your library?

When was the last time someone told you 'books are so yesterday, libraries are dead"?



Public Libraries Europe just updated their Tour site. There are some great talking points here, and a lot of encouraging news.

This is their main website: Public Libraries 2020 Building Stronger EU Communities


screen capture


screen capture


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“Travel by Book”. Free Bus Rides to People Reading a Book,Cluj-Napoca, Romania

[As reported in The Good Life,, by Rafi Schwartz]

"From June 4-7 (2015), following the Cluj-Napoca's "tenure as the 2015 European Youth Capital  " anyone reading on the city’s buses, trams or trolley, was allowed to ride, entirely free of charge.

TheScreencap BooksBus IdeaGuy "brainchild of Victor Miron, a local literacy advocate, (this) initiative (was) designed to both promote literacy, and encourage residents to take advantage of municipal public transportation." Here's the link to his Facebook page.

It worked! Screencap BooksBus

"Bolstered by his success, Victor hopes to establish this as a regular event in Cluj, with two more proposed “Travel by Book” dates in mind, each corresponding to local book fairs. He is also in talks to expand the initiative to the Romanian cities of Alba Iulia and Focșani, and to Chișinău, across the Moldovian border."

  Screencap BooksBus bus

“I believe that it’s better to promote reading by rewarding those who read, instead of criticising the ones who don’t,” said Miron on arts website Bored Panda this week.

"Other initiatives to celebrate the event and promote reading in the city included using the city’s buses and trams to display inspiring quotes from classic and contemporary authors, giving out bookmarks to the general public and a weekly book club which ran throughout June in the Cluj-Napoca’s botanical garden."(

Bookface FacebookThe city's mayor posted Miron's idea to his Facebook and it swiftly morphed into its own page Bookface.

The New York Times reports, "Oh, Those Clever Librarians and Their #Bookface

that "Bookface is a phenomenon that is sweeping the ever creative Library world with inventive posts and photos posted to I Bookface Burlingamenstagram in 'Bookface Style' using the caption #BookfaceFriday."  These photos are so creative, well crafted and fun!

View the whole post here.



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Support Libraries and Teen Literacy~YALSA

Credits :Photo screen shots: video this article.

TEN WAYS TO SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY and enrich the lives of our young citizens...

1. Get a library card. Sign up your children for library cards.
2. Write to your local paper about your library and how it helps your family; use an example linked to this article.
3. ‎Donate to YALSA.
4. ‎Distribute free teen reading resources found in this article.
5. ‎Share the info found in this article with your local politicians.
6. Compare‎ your library's Teen Programs with National Standards using info in this article and share with your library and elected officials.
7. Be part of the movement to support your future : Volunteer‎ at Your Library
8. Host a fund raiser: ideas in article. 
9. Become part of your Library Support Group.
10. This May, go with your community and library supporters to Library Legislative Day. Libraries organize busses to take you to Washington to visit Federal Legislators offices to speak to their staff, to show how important libraries are in this country.

Be seen. Be heard.

There are links to documents, sites and details about all these topics in the following article. Click on a couple and see‎ which one inspires you or your children and teens to Take Action for Your Library !

Be sure to take a moment to view the touching and well produced video at the end.



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Documentary: Human Library Project on Absolutely Ottawa~CBC Mobile

The Ottawa Public Library in partnership with the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) make a documentary: The Human Library.
Video in this link.


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Library Advocates head for Washington DC tomorrow #NLLD

Washington DC is a beautiful place to be at the beginning of May.

Screenshot_NLLD15Especially if you appreciate how important libraries are in your life in America.

It is so easy for your Legislators to 'get on board' with the idea of The Library; to tell you that 'of course' they will 'support your library'. But are they? Do they support legislation to actually fund your libraries? Do you see proof of their words in their actions?

Come to Washington. Join the American Library Association. Show your legislators how important your library is in your life.


Join your library supporters at ALA National Library Legislative Day #NLLD

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We've started partnering - International Librarians Network



screen shot: ILN

"The International Librarians Network (ILN) is a facilitated program aimed at helping librarians develop international networks. (They) believe that innovation and inspiration can cross borders, and that spreading our networks beyond our home countries can make us better at what we do.


ILN is run by volunteers all around the world. Program Coordinators match participants, support the partnerships, and manage the website."

Give it a never know who you may meet while giving back to your international library community!

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Coalition Slams Net Neutrality Rules

Report from today by Chloe Albenesius

Net Neutrality (photo - PCmag)

A coalition of top Internet firms - from Google and Amazon to Facebook and Twitter - penned a letter to the FCC this week to express concern with the commission's proposed net neutrality rules.

See the entire article here. It's not too late...yet. Make your voices heard.

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Net Neutrality - The Movie

Net Neutrality graphic-1Net Neutrality really is AT RISK. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours. Tell your Librarian. Tell your local Pizza Shop.

The following is a direct quote from

We have until May 15 to make enough noise to stop the corporate takeover of the Internet. Watch on to see what’s at stake–and invite your friends.

The length of a sitcom episode, The Internet Must Go is funny, engaging, and full of truth. It stars Al Franken, The Daily Show‘s John Hodgman, and former Executive Director Eli Pariser, and it just won a Webby Award—the Internet’s version of the Oscars—in Online Film & Video for Public Service & Activism.


(Full disclosure: This award-winning video was made by a friend of MoveOn—Gena Konstantinakos, who in addition to being a terrific filmmaker is married to Eli Pariser.)

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ALA Banned Books Virtual Read-Out on You Tube

2013 Banned Book Week"Join... celebrities, libraries and bookstores across the country in the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out!

For the third year in a row, readers from across the country and around the world will be able to participate virtually during Banned Books Week, Sept. 22 – 28, 2013.

Participants may proclaim the importance of the freedom to read by posting videos that will be featured on a dedicated Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out YouTube channel."

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how we think about what our taxes pay for / a Canadian in America

Manhattan-20120315-00426Since arriving here in these 'United' States of America nearly thirteen years ago, we have been astounded and frankly, gobsmacked by seemingly well educated people who tell us that Canada is a socialist country because we all support health care (with taxes) Now please note well that at the same time,  these same folk don't seem to understand that services  called: Police, Fire and Library are paid with...wait for it ... taxes! 

We have since become inured to this particular American brainfreeze issue; we can't educate a whole country.  We just do our thing and try to spread the news that libraries are good for democracy.  And we explain what taxes do with examples like this one: that when Katrina destroyed a whole portion of a state that was uninsured because the insurance companies (calculatedly and intelligently) stopped insuring properties Medieval Private engravingin such a high risk area, it was the U.S. Government (i.e. taxes) that paid for FEMA payments and restoration and grants to states.

ER-LouisXVILibraryVersAll this to say...once, there was no way to pool our efforts and when the problems became too large in scale or too far away, we accepted and used taxes  to help ourselves in ways that today we take for granted.TianYige1 oldest private libary in China

I'm talking libraries here of course, but the same applies to myriad social and infrastructure supports that help get us through our sunfilled, free days or our darkest hours.

This article touches on this issue and reminds us of the history we may have forgotten about our most cherished civic institutions. 

Give it a scan:

How Private Services Became Public - Things we take for granted today -- public police, roads and libraries -- were only achieved through long, hard political battles that lasted decades and sometimes centuriesby BY: | October 2012

here's an exerpt of the central thesis ...

"...Things we utterly take for granted today -- things that the left, right and center agree on -- were only achieved through long hard political battles, always lasting decades, sometimes for more than a century. I’m talking about really basic stuff, like public water and sewers, policing, public education, public roads and public libraries, to mention just a few."

attribution, link to

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Did your library win it's funding vote?

Desperate times - desperate measures.

Troy lead inFighting fire with figurative fire.  Negative energies aren't the only ones to make big noise.

"Not every story at the library has a happy ending. Fortunately, this one (in Troy, Michagan) did."

36. THE TROY LIBRARY "Book Burning Party" - YouTube.

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Library as Third Place - I Geek Global Literacy!

Just checking in on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  Gates Fndtn Logowork with US Libraries.

Here's the latest link form the foundation web site about their work to foster the community library as a safe Third Place in our lives.

Gates Fndtn libary work



and don't forget the GEEK Your Library program sponsored by OCLC and the Gates Foundation.

GeektheLibrary-PosterTemplate_Colin Palmer_running_2821








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Americans lose their way. LIbrary funded by foreign interests.

People actually think that this is a happy story.

Spear Library, Shutesbury MAIt is a common story.  In the long run, it is not a positive tale and unfortunately for the children of this country it is one that is played out with regularity.

Here's the story line; tiny, miserably funded, inadequately supported and ill provisioned local library goes for a funding vote.  Short sighted community (I use the term loosely) votes down a budget to bring the library up to a standard that allows it's staff to do their jobs.

Here's the twist.  Pathos in the wings...library supporters do a video, put it on the web...presto! DONATIONS ROLE IN....FROM PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

We in the U.S. have turned upside down and inside out our priorities, our sense of responsibility to our society and even lost the ability to discern a pathetic situation when we see it with our own eyes.

This is not a happy story.  It is a pathetic story.  Even though the state was ready to fund 60% of this project, less than half of the citizens who did vote knew what a library is for and what a really good one can  do for a small community.

I am not made jubilant by this report.  I am profoundly saddened by it.  It is not the first one I have heard and it won't be the last.  America you are in danger of total and irreversible collapse.  You have lost your ability to stand up and support your own democracy - at your peril.


Story about the M.N. Spear Memorial Library, Shutesbury, MA.  reported by: Zak Stone in

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it's unnanimous...get out into your community NOW


We watch and cringe as some libraries loose ground with their communities.  Funding votes are lost and users are crammed into out of date, overcrowded little libraries.

Overworked and discouraged librarians are missing the chance to get out into their communities to build up their position and BE SEEN as an 'outstanding contributor' and 'valuable asset' in their community.

 This topic is universal within the library community and becoming larger and more urgent as each day passes and technology plows on, with our without libraries.  Here are two related articles from Library Journal.


Users Don’t Know What Libraries Are Talking About, Studies Find 



 That Sound You Hear? It’s The Library World Changing


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Oscar Nominated...Animated Short...based on the BOOK....

ALA and every associated organisation should adopt the rights to this Oscar nominated animated short and have it up on their website.  It is that good.

Mr. Morris Lessmore

This website will only be open for a limited time.  If you ever wanted to show people how important are words and the spirit of the book - this is the way to do it.  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.


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couldn't have said it better ourselves


Eleanor Crumblehulme_LibrariesRecessionPlague_publish

In fact we have at least one thing in common with the Canadian librarian who coined this phrase.  We too are nearly driven wild when we see library funding cut and communities who will not support the library. 


The catch phrase that we use and one that we like to think hits legislators and the public with a certain effectiveness is: 

Libraries will get you through

Times of No Money

better than

No Money will get you through

Times with No Libraries

You are free to quote to anyone within hearing distance!

Special thank you to:

Marilyn McIntosh, the Executive Director at Monroe Free Library in Monroe, New York and her intrepid, stalwart and intelligent staff.


Eleanor Crumblehulme.

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ProQuest offers free .pdf promotional materials for your Library

ProQuest has just published a Public Library Toolkit.

There are easy to edit .pdf files for your library to use.  You will also find sample Tweets!

You can "access...complimentary bookmarks, customizable posters and fliers, digital commercials, and other tools designed to help you promote your public library’s on-line resources" here on the ProQuest site

Here are some examples of posters and book marks designed to get your library users' attention and promote your library...

   ProQuest PDF BookMark1  Happy editing.

ProQuest PDF Poster 2

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Library Systems roles and value explained

Library Systems are poster children! 

Librarians have always known how to work together collectively to deliver high quality service to the maximum number of people for the least amount of money.  Library Systems help librarians achieve those lofty goals every day, 24/7.

Library Systems in New York, and in other states and provinces are the support system to librarians and library users.  People who work for a Library System often do so in the background to provide all manner of services from inter library loans; cataloging and automated on line catalogs; trustee training and help with grant applications and processing funds from state aid.  Library systems help our librarians provide the services to a public who expects excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on line and in the library.

Title page Albany Hearings still


This  video   was taken 29 November 2011 in Albany, NY. Play time is 25m 45sec.

It is an excerpt from a Public Hearing: Funding Public Libraries in New York State under the New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Libraries & Education Technology, Chair, Assemblyman, Bob Reilly. 

The speakers are, in order of appearance: Robert Hubsher, Executive Director of the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS), Middletown, NY RCLS Facts  ;  Marilyn McIntosh, Director/Librarian, Monroe Free Library, Monroe, NY MONROE  and James Mahoney, Director/Librarian, Nyack Library, Nyack, NY The Nyack Library| Welcome .


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Shareable: How Libraries Are Doing More With Less

PIC_1357 crop centerI just saw this on Twitter - good article.

Nothing we don't already know but important to share with those who don't appreciate the depth of commitment shown every day by librarians and their boards.

An overview of libraries reveals that some library systems are hanging on to a thread for their survival while others are thriving. The overall trend, however, is one of increased usage and circulation of materials, both electronic and traditional, coupled with decreased funding.

 Neil Gaiman - chair Nat lib wk 2011 video in link below...

from:  Shareable: How Libraries Are Doing More With Less.

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Geek Posters - Wallkill Public Library, New York

I have had the pleasure of producing the 'Geek Your Library' posters for the Wallkill Public Library.  Wallkill Public Library Home Page    It's been a blast, maily because the Chief Librarian, Lou Carolan is herself a 'Force for Librarianship'!

Here are the posters:


I love doing volunteer effort for my community, except everywhere is my community!

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Library talk live and on Skype - world wide interest grows with new librarians

                                 Just in case you think the future of libraries is a dead topic...think again and follow these links! LibraianInBlack TwitterImage

I found Michiel Laan today on Twitter, this energetic and passionate young librarian is interviewed on This Week In Libraries (link below).  I discovered TWIL through a discussion on LinkedIn.

Here is Ms.Laan's conversation with Erik on TWIL:LibrarianInBlack

And so the spiral of world wide discussions about libraries and their futures continues!  gives us hope and stimulates the brain. Watch this lovely interview: cycling unconference out of IFLA

We are particularly interested in the space planning and architectural programming aspect of how the physicall environment provided in new libraries and renovations meet the needs of communities that want their service needs met with spaces that serve as a community Commons.

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New York Court Declares That Libraries Are Educational Institutions

Good news.  Library Journal home dt.common.streams.StreamServer

New York Court Declares That Libraries Are Educational Institutions.

"The judge said it perfectly: libraries are an inherent public good," said Kevin Verbesey director of the Suffolk Cooperative Library System.

"This decision recognizes that libraries are not cultural amenities. They are educational institutions and are an essential public service," said Michael Borges, the executive director of the New York Library Association (NYLA).

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Trans-Border Sharianship

Librarians are professional Share-ians! 

Why?  Because they have always had to make do - or make more! - with less.

Here are just a couple links to Canadian sites where librarians gather to share and learn from one another.

About SOLS - Southern Ontario Library System

Canadian Library Association | Home

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Libraries - resources to get us through these tough times

It's no secret.  Demand for library services has risen steadily these past two years as people struggle to stay afloat through this ' economic downturn ' - a polite way to reference this International RecessionSlow Economy Fuels Surge in Library Use

Perversely, the local, state, provincial and federal governments have continued to decresase funding to libraries and systems steadily and mercilessly

Libraries face rising costs:

  • increasing wages and benefitsincreasing demand for print and AV materials
  • increasing demand for digital resources
  • the high cost of telecommunications and need for higher bandwidth
  • the high cost of maintaining computer systems
  • population growth and diversity
  • demands for increased hours and services

People and Libraries are fighting for their lives.  Advocating in aTough Economy - TOOLKIT.

People are beginning to notice how important the library is in their communities.  (...) the Library,a cozy place to look for a job

We particularly like this little sound bite - you can use it to your hearts content - it usually makes people think for a second.

Libraries will get us through times of no money better than money will get us through times of no libraries!

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