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Librarianship meets Architecture . Librarian COACHES . CONFIDENCE re-enforcers . SUPPORTING YOU & YOUR LIBRARY DESIGN. We help you LEAD the DESIGN PROCESS for your LIBRARY. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN FREAKS. Intellectual Freedom ADVOCATES .
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PLAN22 are authors of "Making the Case for Your Library Building Project - Library Development Guide #5"

written for the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS), March 2010; Edited by You may order a copy. Copy this web address into your browser for secure ordering.

PLAN22 ~ What we do.

  • Getting ideas out on to paper for all to see...
    STRATEGIC PLANNING @Your Library Thanks to the many people from Tuxedo, Mamakating and Munro, NY, who contributed their time, energies and open minds to the success of the planning sessions. And to the 'groundbreakers' at Grahamsville, NY. and all the wonderful volunteers at all libraries everywhere. We had fun!
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What NOT to DO at your LIbrary

  • StaffKit2_MFL_Feb2012
    If your library looks like this, document it, show it to your Board and the Public and make the case to renovate or build new!