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Kansas City Librarian acquitted after arrest by KCPD | Kansas City Star #in #fb #ALAlibrary

From the Kansas City Star, 8 Sep '17 through Jan Holmquist, Global
librarian @janholmquist 

Because news like this keeps us going... 

"Kansas City librarian Steve Woolfolk, (director of programming and marketing,) has as received a national award and been put on trial for the same act: trying to stop police from arresting a library patron.

After a trial Friday in Kansas City Municipal Court, Woolfolk was found not guilty on charges of obstruction, interfering with an arrest, and assaulting a police officer.

(Mr. Woolfolk's arrest,) stemmed from an incident in May 2016 when (he) tried to stop the arrest of library patron Jeremy Rothe-Kushel during the question-and-answer part of a talk by Middle East expert and diplomat
Dennis Ross at the Plaza library.

Library officials protested the arrests, with executive director R. Crosby Kemper III publicly saying that he was outraged and that the city was violating the First Amendment. 

During the months the case worked through the system, the American Library Association threw in its support and gave the Kansas City library the Paul Howard Award for Courage. Woolfolk received the Lemony
Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity."

Here's the story:

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