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the librarians, trustees and architects at #ALAAC18 NOLA, conference 23 June, who attended our program: 'Achieve the Library Design You Need. Communicate Effectively with Your Library Building Design Professionals'. Thanks too to the conference organizers and audio-visual staff for a seamless experience. If you have questions when you receive our protected PDF with NOTES on the conference website, please contact us.

THANK YOU @LLAMA_ALA / Fred Reuland and all participants in our LLAMA Webinar 30 May.

Librarians! More Vital thanEver! - @spencerideas
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@ALAlibrary @OIF Issues Resolution on Access to Accurate Information

In a press release sent out yesterday the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) announced a resolution adopted on January 24th by the American Library Association (ALA) Council. The resolution prepared by the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) - Resolution on Access to Accurate Information - addresses the "problems of fake news, personalized news-feeds, web search algorithms and the delay of Freedom of Information Act requests." 

OIF alaThe Resolution outlines the role of librarians and library workers in helping to raise awareness of these issues and "supports the critical role of librarians and library works in all types of libraries in teaching information literacy skills that enable users to locate information and evaluate its accuracy."

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