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small space renovation BIG IMPACT RESULT/ Teen Space @CORPUBLIB @goRCLS

CPL NY Coll 2The hard working staff and director at Cornwall Public library in Cornwall, New York last evening officially opened their Teen Space to rave reviews.

The project was done with a minimal budget and LOTS of volunteer time and materials.

It is great to see how much can be done to make a space function well and be warm and welcoming using engaging paint colors and patterns; space defining carpet tiles; well chosen data/electrically connected seating; functional furniture; the occasional piece of mood lighting and oh yes, lots of love for the users!

Well done! CPL NY logo

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National Library Legislative Day. Step up, be seen & heard. Sharpen your Avocacy Skills. #NLLD18 @ALALib @GOrcls #fb #in

Get your Library Advocacy ON!

Join us in Washington DC at the Liaison Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Tell your legislators what you really think.


from ALA









National Library Legislative Day is a two-day advocacy event held in Washington, D.C. every year.

Day 1: Training:

Attendees spend one day learning effective advocacy techniques and learning about key library issues, like funding or net neutrality, and have the opportunity to attend a reception on Capitol Hill.

Day 2: Doing

Then ... Armed with talking points, attendees spend day two with their state delegations, meeting with elected officials and telling them about the importance of libraries in their communities.


Q.:Who goes to Washington for National Library Legislative Day?

A.: Everyone who cares about library funding.

This event is open to the public and anyone who wants to support libraries is welcome to attend. Whether you've been advocating for two days or twenty years, you have something important to contribute. But sign up soon - we have a limited amount of space each year and it fills up quickly!


Visit the event page to register online. Registration this year is $75 and includes a continental breakfast, entry into a reception held on Capitol Hill, and a folder full of briefing materials, talking points, and information.

To learn more about the event, check out our FAQ page or reach out to Lisa Lindle at llindle@alawash.org if you have any questions!


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Chicago Invests in the Future - Embeds Libraries into Housing Projects @chipublib @theCHAtweets #fb #in @chicagosmayor

ChiLinHsngIntveChicago PL pushes boundary of "Library Commons".

Chicago Housing Authority & Chicago Public Library Partner Up, Bring Mixed-Income Housing and Libraries Together

The City of Chicago is "beginning of construction on three innovative co-located housing and library developments being built across the city. (Beginning with the) Taylor Street Apartments and Roosevelt Branch Library, with construction also getting underway at two co-located developments in the West Ridge and Irving Park communities. Mayor Emanuel announced that plans will continue for two additional CPL branches using creative interagency partnerships — one in the CHA’s Altgeld Gardens community and a new branch in the West Loop to serve its rapidly growing community. IndepAptsLib

“Libraries serve as community anchors, making knowledge and learning accessible for everyone,” said CPL Commissioner Brian Bannon. “The new co-located libraries will help to sustain strong neighborhoods, and provide a place for all community residents to gather, share and succeed.”

“This project bringing together housing with a neighborhood library will be paramount for our community,” said Alderman Jason Ervin, 28th Ward. “This investment shows our residents that no matter what your income is or what neighborhood you live in, if you call Chicago home you should have a range of housing options to choose from.”

TaylorRoosChi"Over the past six years, Chicago Public Library has witnessed one of the largest capital investments in recent history. Through City investment and innovative partnerships, the Library has seen over $200 million of new capital projects and investments in the people and programs that activate our community anchors. By the end of 2018, we will have 11 new library buildings and 14 additional locations with major renovations and expansions. Embedded in these locations and other locations citywide is our innovative way to serve children and teens. CPL will have added new early learning play spaces at 28 locations and new teen spaces at 19 locations."

Source: Mayor Emanuel and City Officials Break Ground on Innovative Branch Library Projects

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Restore NY State Aid to Libraries & Library Systems - NYLA Advocacy Day, Albany NY, 28 February. @GOrcls @NYLA_1890 #fb #in

2018_NYGovFundCutsWe need your help to get our legislators to restore State Aid to libraries and library systems that the Governor proposed cutting in his 2018-2019 Executive Budget.

If you are able, please join us for New York Library Association (NYLA) Library Advocacy Day in Albany on Wednesday, February 28. Here is the link to the flyer with all of the information you need about motorcoach pickup locations and departure times.

Here is the link to register to join our delegation.

If you are unable to attend in person contact your legislator using NYLA's Online Advocacy Center. It is easy use and an effective way to let your legislators know you care about libraries and want them to support State Aid for libraries and library systems.


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Eleanor Roosevelt - we need you and our wisdom now: exerpt from 'Dear Miss Breed' by @JFOppenheim, @PacificAviation #in #fb #pearlharbor

Dear MBreedWe are blessed with the friendship of a good woman - who is also an accomplished author - Joanne Oppenheim of 'Dear Miss Breed' and 'The Knish War on Rivington Street' fame.

She and I share a passion for all things Eleanor Roosevelt and hold in high esteem E.R.'s life example. We also understand, more with each passing day, the import and effect of her words in the context of today's global political and cultural mileau.

Today, on her site, Joanne posted a 'A Clipping from Dear Miss Breed's Papers'  - I agree, we need Eleanor and her fearless courage today.

This is a screen grab from Joanne's site of E.R.'s clipping, shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec., 1941, from My Day, a Syndicated newspaper column by Eleanor Roosevelt 1935 through 1962:

MissBreed JOsSite

This is the text:

“… the great mass of our people, stemming from these various national ties, must not feel that they have suddenly ceased to be Americans.

 “This is, perhaps, the greatest test this country has ever met.  Perhaps it is the test which is going to show whether the United States can furnish a pattern for the rest of the world for the future.  Our citizens come from all the nations of the world.  Some of us have said from time to time, that we were the only proof that different nationalities could live together in peace and understanding, each bringing his own contribution, different though it may be, to the final unity which is the United States…Perhaps, on us today, lies the obligation to prove that such a vision may be a practical possibility. 

 “If we can not meet the challenge of fairness to our citizens of every nationality, of really believing in the Bill of Rights and making it a reality for all loyal American citizens, regardless of race, creed or color; if we can not keep in check anti-Semitism, anti-racial feelings as well as anti-religious feelings, then we shall have removed from the world, the one real hope for the future on which all humanity must now rely.”                                               -E.R.

You can visit Ms. Oppenheim's site to read the post yourself here.

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Librarians be inspired. Architect Carina Guedes, teaches women that they can design their own houses @WACommunity #in #fb @solslib @GOrcls

Librarians planning your new library or addition, take note.

You can do anything you want to do.

Brasil Women House2

A story to inspire you.

Camila Silva reports in worldarchitecture.org about an exciting program "created by the architect Carina Guedes. Named Arquitetura na Periferia , the program teaches women (that they) can design their houses by themselves."

The idea was born from Carina's master's thesis in collaboration with her advisor and the research group MOM (Morar de Outras Maneiras).

This account is taken from this link at worldarchitecture.org

(a team working in) A social project in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has taught low-income women how to renovate or extend their homes without the assistance of a professional. Brasil Women MakeHouse1

In a country where the most economically vulnerable population sees self-construction as the only alternative, the results of this initiative do more than increasing (sic) the housing quality: the project changes how these women envision life by itself.

Through a process where the groups of women are (introduced and taught) the practices/techniques of project design and planning, (with) technical assistance for the improvement of housing, (the women) ... (are) able to conduct the construction (of their homes) with autonomy and without waste."

According to an interview given to Catraca Livre, the participant Ana Paula affirms that her vision of the world has changed. "Today I look at things and people in a different way. For example, I look at people knowing that any of us can do anything we want". (my emphasis) 




  Brasil Women House3

Here are further links to this encouraging story:

Projeto em BH ensina mulheres periféricas a reformar suas casas

Abrace o Brasil - Abrace o Brasil


Arquitetura na Periferia - Home | Facebook




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ALA strenuously opposes FCC proposed order on net neutrality @AjitPaiFCC @ALALibrary @NYLA_1890 @GOrcls #fb #in @aclu #netneutrality @battleforthenet

ACLU NetNtrlty
from @ACLU

This excerpt is from a draft document - Net Neutrality - An Intellectual Freedom Issue being developed by the Net Neutrality Working Group under the auspices of the American Library Association (ALA) Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC). I am honored to be a member of this Working Group. I will keep tracking this issue and let you know when and how best to help us protect net neutrality.

"Net neutrality is the First Amendment of the digital realm. It guarantees the right to distribute and receive ideas without limitations via the Internet. It ensures that Internet providers make their services available to the public without discrimination. Without the protection of net neutrality, tiered access limits diversity, blocks ideas and opinions. Additionally, it creates an internet in which only the companies who can afford to pay more for prioritized access can get their content through to consumers.

A democracy requires an informed citizenry with access to information from many points of view and the opportunity exchange ideas with others through civic engagement. Publicly supported institutions such as libraries, universities, and K-12 schools provide equal access to the members of their communities. If a portion of library users have limited or lesser access, their rights to participate in democracy are diminished; and the foundation of the nation’s democracy is undermined."

Yesterday, 21 November 2017, the American Library Association (ALA) released a statement about the FCC proposed order to end net neutrality:


Here is a link to an article from the November 21st Guardian - America is about to kill the open internet - and towns like this will pay the price


and another link to the November 21 New York Times - F.C.C. Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in a Victory for Telecoms


This is an interesting article from the November 21 Washington Examiner - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warns Trump that full net neutrality repeal could inhibit tweets


and finally this insightful link to a November 21 ABC News article - FCC looks to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules


We urge you to inform yourself as much as you can about all the factors in this issue. Our future as a vibrant, open democracy with unfettered access to information is at stake.



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What do you see in your library today? #in #fb

The acts of looking and seeing are not the same.

Look around your library space today.

Really look.

See anything you like or wish were different? 

Can you say why?


Are you trying to figure out how to optimize your library space; plan an addition or a
new building? 

One of the first activities you need to do and one you will enjoy is how well your spaces function. Start
with small things and work up to more complex issues. 

Small but important thing:

Today, watch how the sunlight moves through your spaces and how your staff and patrons
react (or not!) to the heat of the sun. You also want to note how people use different types of artificial lighting.

Take photos or videos, of the lighting in your library spaces at different times of the day
and night. Take notes. Keep them, you will need them later.


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Plan22Archibrairans Presenting at ALA Annual Convention 2018 in New Orleans #alaac18 #fbp22 #in


We are thrilled to report that we will be presenting our program Communicate Effectively with Your Library Building Design Professionals – Achieve the Library You Need in June at ALA18 in New Orleans.

Whether you are preparing the ground work for an addition or new library building project, our program will help you clarify and document the needs of your community users and library staff so that you can direct your designer to provide you with the library design you need.

The Schedule of Sessions will be announced 8 November, 2017. Follow ALA Annual on Twitter

We will be posting to our social media sites throughout the NOLA convention. PLAN22 Archibrarians on Linkedin  |   PLAN22Archibrians on Tumblr  | PLAN22 (plan22) on Pinterest  | @2PLAN22 on Twitter  | plan22archibrarians on Instagram  |  PLAN22 Archibrarians on Wordpress

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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