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Noisebridge at ALA15 ~ HackerSpace explored

We had the chance to check out this amazing space and concept in San Fransisco today.


"Noisebridge is a physical space open and welcoming to all, providing infrastructure and collaboration opportunities for anyone interested in programming, hardware, crafts, science, food, robotics, art, and technology. We teach, we learn, we share. With no leaders, we have one rule: 'Be excellent to each other'."

at Noisebridge today


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Another Day, Another New Threat to Internet Privacy ~ 'Pacific Standard'

from article

The constant, buried & insidious corruption of an individual's privacy will be our doom. We rank it right up there with mismanagement of our earth's resources. 

It can seem, on days when I stop and contemplate the depth of companies' greed, that there is a substantial reason for despair for the future of both the individual and 'society' that I mark with quotes because the word does not apply in any sense that we recognise from one day to the next.

Be prepared to be alarmed about this article's content.

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Library-concrete building on the beach, in China~from 'Book Patrol'

June 24. Would be so good to visit here... and read.. and just be.



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Digital publication is now online


All Screen Captures_PL2020Tour

"15 countries, 44 videos, 1 story: libraries change lives. Check out the full digital publication at!"





Three themes  - cornerstones of the message... Digital Inclusion - how libraries empower those people who use digital tools at their libraries and the benefits that result. PL2020Tour_LfLngLrng_ScrnSht


 Lifelong Learning - Adults are using libraries together to learn new skills and activities.

PL2020Tour_Social Inclusion_ScrnShtSocial Inclusion - A quarter of a million of the 10% unemployed adults in Europe find a job using internet services at their libraries. Not bad!


Take a look at this well crafted video with its smart, condensed message about how libraries influence our lives:



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Medicine’s Hidden Roots in an Ancient Manuscript. From

We've been talking about ancient texts and reconstructions of ancient books all weekend and tonight this article comes up on the NYC site...‎it's all a mystery wrapped in forgotten knowledge left at someone's door. Who knows where we'll find the next piece of an ancient puzzle? Good thing we have people who study, live for knowledge and love books of all kinds.


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